Chalkdust Racing Club

Looking for a low cost interest in up to 5 horses with different trainers?


I realise many National Hunt horses are a long term project with extensive schooling, running to get a handicap mark and then targeting a race if the ground suits. Can be long periods without a runner.


Have been in contact with a number of trainers to negotiate free lease of horses for up to a year with a one off payment to cover training fees. The horses will be dual purpose, all weather, flat and jumps but will run on a regular basis to give everyone an ongoing interest at varying tracks and maybe even jollies to tracks in Scotland/Ireland.


Wanting to keep the costs low, the share percentage will be small from 2.5% to 20%. Any prize money won will be shared out on an equal basis.


This is not a get rich quick scheme but an opportunity for like- minded racing fans to attend the track together, go on stable visits and have a shared interest in horses with different trainers. All joining subscriptions will be ploughed into seeking out new horses.

Every effort will be made to sort badges for everyone involved when they want to attend to see horses run and up to date information will be communicated on a regular basis.


The longer term aim will be having our own horses and our own racing colours but for the moment will aim for an enjoyable first year with a number of runners.


The trainers that I have initially contacted include Phil Kirby, Alex Dunn, Katy Price, Clare Ellam and Brian Forsey with a few other possible candidates.


The current cost is £250 for 6 months membership of the Club.


Having been involved in a number of Racing Clubs and Partnerships as I am sure a number of you have and would hope to replicate some of the more positive experiences. I have been lucky to have been involved with 29 winners over many years and look forward to the 30th.



Steve W 


[email protected]




Aims of  the Club